January 25, 2020

Journal Entry #2

“Whoa” is me.  The past couple of weeks have been inconsistent when dealing with the weather.  It was sunny one day with cool, clear air (reminds me of my trips to Colorado), then hellacious storms the next.  Weather is unpredictable, yes, but having a job to predict its forthcoming takes the concept of “job security” to a comfortable level.  In my office job, I can pitch a strategic business plan to my bosses based on the numbers I receive (financial costs, level of risk, market strategy, target audience, specific trends, marketing costs, etc.) and pray to God I am right.  If I’m not, you will see me back on LinkedIn with my updated resume.  Being a meteorologist, you can make those calculated predictions and still be wrong.  Yet, not one person will be upset with you in the slightest… but, I digress.

Over time, I have gotten a sense of who are my regular walks.  It is great because both the animals and myself know each other very well.  I have a German Shepard (Nala), Australian Shepherd (Hunk), Alaskan Husky (Rizzo), Cavapoo (Bella), and an odd pairing of a Golden Retriever (Bonnie) and an orange tabby cat (Spartacus).  All of them have their own unique brand of personality.  There are some other dogs and the occasional cats that pop up on my schedule, but those just mentioned are the main ones.

Bonnie and Spartacus are the weirdest, coolest duo of cat and dog I have ever gotten the good fortune of knowing.  If it were not for their different species, you would have thought they were from the same litter.  A true odd couple.  You cannot separate them and you sure as heck cannot begin to understand how in-synced their minds are with each other.  For instance, one day I was at the kitchen sink filling up Bonnie’s water bowl after our walk.  Bonnie was standing next to me waiting to get water – or so I thought.  Suddenly, I heard Spartacus darting across the kitchen floor, jump on Bonnie’s back, and then onto the counter.  You can definitely say I was a bit startled.  Very unusual and sporadic behavior to say the least.  But before I realized their true reasoning behind that stunt, Spartacus pushed the bag of dog treats I always give Bonnie after our walks off of the counter, to which it burst open onto the floor.  Treats went everywhere, and so was Bonnie as she frantically gobbled up as many as she could.  Cleaning everything up was a handful because Bonnie was adamant about eating every last piece of it.  Once the mess was taken care of, I looked back up at the counter to find Spartacus drinking out of Bonnie’s water bowl.  What amazing teamwork!

Now, because of Bonnie’s elderly age, she and I take it easy on our walks mainly due to of the arthritis in her back hips.  Some days, she is strong as an ox, but other times, she is weak.  For a while, I knew Bonnie was hurting more than she usually did, and I let the owner know about it.  Just last week, I received a message in the middle of the night from DiOGi Pet Services about Bonnie being taken to an emergency vet.  Deep down, I knew her time was almost up.  Just like the owner most likely felt, I selfishly did not want Bonnie to go.  So, I did something I had not done in a long, long time… I prayed.

For the next week, I spent extra time with Spartacus during my visit with him.  You could see the excruciating pain filling his eyes as well.  I too was losing my composure.  It seemed like a matter of time to find out if Spartacus lost his best friend.  By lying on the floor next to him, it brought him some ease because he curled up next to me as if I was Bonnie.  Try not to cry thinking about that.  This morning, I get a message from Bonnie’s owner through DiOGi Pet Services informing me that BONNIE CAME HOME LAST NIGHT!!!  Talk about acting like Gene Kelly in “Singing in the Rain” – I was doing that.  I am well aware that Spartacus and Bonnie are someone else’s pet, but I have gotten to know them so well to the point it feels like they are mine too.

Walking into their house today, I expected the two of them just taking it easy with Spartacus curled up next to Bonnie resting.  Heck no!  The two of them were play fighting over a bean bag they both love!  Spartacus was buried in the bag to where I could barely see him with Bonnie jumping and running around it, like an excited puppy.  Whenever Bonnie put her face in the bag, I saw a cat’s paw (sometimes two) poke out to swat her on the snout.  Bonnie was playfully barking before she saw me walking up to her and dropping to my knees.  She ran over to me with her whole-body wagging in sheer joy and gave me a huge hug.  Then came Spartacus rubbing himself up and down Bonnie.  A true odd couple.  I took Bonnie out for our walk as Spartacus sat at the door and waited.  He did not move until we came back!

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