Short Stories by Austin T.

February 15, 2020

Journal Entry #3:

You want to know what is worse for a guy than to be in the “doghouse” with his wife and/or girlfriend?  Being put in the “doghouse” on Valentine’s Day.  Yep, I’m in it because I gave Janice a gift.  A gift she has wanted for a quite some time, but I guess you can say that the timing wasn’t the best.  She is upset with me to the point that flowers and chocolates cannot save me, not even Barry White.  I guess I’ll just stick with Barry Manilow and my dog walks today.  Hopefully, things will work out in the end.

“Will you marry me?  (I hear you have great healthcare.)”  That is the billboard I saw last weekend on my walk with Bella (the Cavapoo) as we made our way around her neighborhood.  Pretty creative and unique proposal, I think.  Today, I figured why not walk by it again to get a good laugh, but… the guy who made the billboard was in the middle of his proposal.  It was your typical, cliché moment where the guy dropped to his knees and asked “the question” while the young lady gets all teary-eyed and acts all oblivious – she was standing in front the billboard.  How do you miss that?  Anyway… I digress.  The two of them embraced each other, enjoying “the moment”.  The real kicker was that Bella and I were walking past them as they were hugging, and the young lady began screaming in excitement. 


I looked over, and she was staring right at Bella.  Without a moment’s hesitation, she ran up to Bella, and started petting and loving all over her.  Okay…What did I miss?  Bella surely didn’t care.  She was instantly infatuated with the young lady.  This “Trevor” guy looked at each other in complete confusion, not knowing what to do or say. 

“How did you know I’ve always wanted a Cavapoo?” she said to Trevor.

“Wait.  What?”  Trevor was extremely lost, but I knew what she was thinking.

“I’m sorry.  I’m just a dog walker walking this dog for the owner.”

The young lady’s face contorted into an “oh, crap” look, and she quickly shift gears to an automatic apologetic mode.  I could not help myself in that moment.  I busted out laughing in front of the couple.  Something like that doesn’t happen to you every day.  After doing the whole “congratulations” to both of them, Bella and I went on our way.

Once I dropped Bella off and headed home for the day, I decided to drive by the billboard again to reminisce what happened.  All I can say was Trevor worked quickly, the sign had the proposal on it, but he painted “She said YES” over it.  He was now a happy man – bet you he had to make arrangements to get a Cavapoo for his new finance though.  Best way to practice the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.”  Staring at that billboard, I got thinking…

I came home to a still upset Janice, but I quickly changed her mood with one little gift…a blue point Siamese kitten.  I could tell her heart melted as she pulled the kitten out of his crate and hugged him.  She and I have been talking about getting a cat ever since the Bonnie and Spartacus incident.  We felt like it was time to take our relationship to the next level.  I named the kitten Barney after the Neil Patrick Harris’ character in “How I Met Your Mother” – the ultimate wingman.  It is true.  Barney is my ultimate wingman because he got me out of the doghouse…and onto probation.

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