February 29, 2020

Oh, the training, training, and training that one could take right now.  The best part about Diogi Pet Services is that the training we go through is EXTREMELY helpful.  Knowing the different equipment (collars, leashes, etc.), the different dog breeds with their behavioral traits, the development stages for a dog, how to prevent any chance of getting bitten by a dog, and the fundamentals of dealing with cats.  Makes you stand out more as a professional compared to our competitors… I like it!  To tell you the truth, that training was what helped me understand the behavior my cat, Barney, displayed and how to deal with it.

There is one part of the training that really did help me out today:  understanding and working with a fearful dog.  I was scheduled a dog (a Border Collie named Charlette) I have never met before.  After reading through Charlette’s biography, it illuminated the fact that she was fearful with new people, and to always be very gentle with her.  I do like a challenge – spices things up.

I pulled up to the owners of Charlette’s mansion-sized home.  The house was so big that it would take me and Janice a total of about 175 years to afford it with the salaries we have right now.  Anyway… I found Charlette standing in a corner in the living room.  Head lower than her shoulders, whale eyes, ears flat against her head – she was scared alright.  Remembering my training, I stayed where I was, dropped to my knees, and called out her name in a high-pitched voice while not making any eye contact.  The walk we had was for an hour.  The owners knew it would take a while for Charlette to warm up to new people.  Plus, they were out of town, and Charlette needed her exercise.  I just stuck with the position to show to Charlette that I was not a threat to her.  It took a few minutes for her to make the first step closer to me.  Another one after that.  Then another.  She got to about 5-7 feet away from me before I was expecting the worse to come – fear turning into aggression because her head was dropping lower and lower.  I braced myself for with the possible turn of the tides, but boy, was I wrong.  Charlette rested her head on my knee.  I gave her a few moments of peace before petting her softly.  She was loving it.  Her eyelids looked like they were getting heavy as she seemed to be falling asleep while standing up.  Very strange dog, but extremely cool to have that special moment with her.  I slowly connected my leash to her collar and began to standup.  That was when she woke back up and was ready for the walk.  The two of us had a peaceful time outside together around the neighborhood.  Charlotte was enjoying the cool breeze blowing through her fur as I daydreamed about living in one of those massive houses.  The crazy thing that happened was that Charlette kept periodically looking up at me as if she approved me walking her.  Needless to say, I felt pretty special

Shortly after our walk came to a bittersweet end.  I said my goodbyes in hope that I would see her again – sooner, rather than later.  After doing the checklist of making sure her water, food bowl, and other things were done, I walked to the front door.  Charlette followed me, not leaving my side.  As a final goodbye, I got down to my knees again to pet her, but she did the unthinkable:  Charlette jumped up and gave me a hug.  A genuine hug for the ages.  I really wanted to take her home with me, but having Barney was enough for me and Janice to handle.  God, what a dog.  WHAT A SURPRISINGLY GREAT DOG!!!

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