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Do you have any breed restrictions?

No, we love and care for all breeds.

Will I get the same petsitter every time?

What makes us unique is that the pet sitter you meet during your initial meet and greet is your assigned pet sitter. We want you and your pet(s) to develop a wonderful, trusting and life-long relationship with your pet sitter. However, your pet’s care is our number one priority, and we guarantee our service. So if your pet sitter is unavailable for any reason, we will send a substitute. If you want to meet your substitute, we will gladly set up an additional meet and greet at a charge of $15.

Do you have any experience with reactive dogs?

Yes. We specialize in pets with behavioral issues and special needs.

Do you board pets in your own home?

Currently, we do not offer boarding services.

Your name is DiOGi. Do you take care of cats too?

Yes, we care for all kinds of animals from dogs and cats to pigs and goats!

My dog is diabetic. Do you feel comfortable giving him injections?

Yes. According to Georgia law, the insulin must be pre-drawn for our pet sitters. We also have experience with dogs in wheelchairs and expressing bladders and bowels.

Can I tip my petsitter?

Yes. Tips can be provided in cash, check directly to your dog walker/pet sitter or on the app after the service has been completed.

Can you walk in the rain?

Yes; however, if it is storming, we will not. We will be sure pup goes out to do their business, and we will spend the rest of the time playing indoors.

What's the difference between a visit and a walk?

The time spent during a visit is for a potty break, playtime, and feeding, if needed. The time spent during a walk is exactly that – a walk for exercise.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully bonded and insured. Our pet sitters go through an extensive background check, and we only hire the best for your baby!

Do you offer dog training?

Yes we do! Our dog trainers are CPDT-KA certified, and they both practice positive reinforcement training techniques. From puppy training and basic obedience to advanced obedience and therapy dog training, they really do it all. And to top it off, what’s really great and unique about our training program is our trainers work with our team of dog walkers and pet sitters so we are all on the same page. If you choose to sign up for any pet services during your training or after, we will reinforce the good behavior and training when you have to be at work or on vacation.

Your office hours are 9 - 6 pm Mon - Fri and 2 - 5 pm Sat and Sunday. Does this mean you only offer services during this time?

No. Our office is open to receive reservations, and we are available by phone and email during those times. We offer pet services as early as 6 am and as late as 10 pm.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Billing is automatic and occurs every Saturday for the previous week's completed services.

Are your walkers and sitters contractors or employees?

All of our pet sitters and dog walkers are employees. This protects you in case a sitter or walker is injured on your property. They are covered by our liability and workers compensation insurance.

What kinds of educational opportunities do you provide your team?

We provide many educational opportunities to our team throughout the year. From working with our head dog trainer and attending courses such as the Pet First Aid and CPR certification class to volunteering with a local rescue or shelter, our team is always learning new pet care and dog handing skills. Team members also get one-on-one ride along days with our owner, Courtney, throughout the year to ensure they are following our safety program as well as providing the best pet care services in the Atlanta area…if not the world!

How do I know my pet sitter came to see my pets?

We utilize a GPS check in and out system that comes standard with the Handlr app.