Services 1 Dog 2 – 3 Dogs 1-2 Cats 3-4 Cats
Short Visit $18 $22 $18 $22
Short Walk $20 $25
Long Visit $25 $30 $25 $30
Long Walk $30 $35
Short Run $30 $40
Long Run $45 $55
Basic Puppy Package $34/day $40/day
Premium Puppy Package $36 $42
Silver Paw Vacation Package $34/day $40/day
Gold Paw Vacation Package $52/day $60/day
Platinum Paw Vacation Package $68/day $78/day
Sleepover starting at $110 starting at $130
Field Trips $100
VIP Subscription 2 Dogs
Short Walks $20
Long Walks $30
Short Runs $32
Long Runs $48
Urban Farm Care
Chicken/Duck Sitting 1 – 5 chickens/ ducks 6 – 10 chickens / ducks 11 – 15 chickens / ducks  16 – 20 chickens / ducks
min 2 visits per day $20 / visit $28 / visit $38 / visit  $48 / visit
Goat / Sheep / Pig Sitting 1 – 2 goats, pigs or sheep  3 – 4 goats, pigs or sheep
min 2 visits per day $20 / visit $40 / visit

2017 Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Holiday Dates and Rates:

$5 is added to all dog walks and pet sitting visits (excluding pre-paid VIP Packages) and $15 is added to our sleepover service during the following dates:

Memorial Day Weekend: May 26 – 29
Fourth of July: July 1 – 4
Labor Day Weekend: Sept 1 – 4
Thanksgiving: Nov 23 – Nov 27
Christmas and New Year: Dec 23 – Jan 2

Additional Services:

VIP Pet Taxi:

Our VIP Pet Taxi safely transports your pets to doggy daycare, veterinary and grooming appointments, to the park or just a ride around town. We use either crates or doggy seat belts – Your choice! Our prices include pick up, drop off and any wait time.

Flat Rate – $25 first 30 minutes (minimum charge)

$10 each additional 20 minutes

Price covers 2 pets – $5 each additional pet

Poop Scooper Service:

While we are at your home, we will scoop and dispose of the poop from your entire yard, just leave the dirty work to us!

Rate depends on the number of pets and size of the yard.

Doggy Bath:

We use only the best organic and holistic shampoos and conditioners available in Tea Tree or Oatmeal. We will use your shampoo if preferred. This service must be combined with a visit, walk, run or sleepover.

Dogs less than 30 lbs. – $25

Dogs more than 30 lbs. – $35

Specialized Care:

If you have a special needs pet(s) that requires more than just oral medications, we are capable of administering injections as well as expressing bladders and bowels. Add $10 per visit per pet to any of our other pet sitting or dog walking services.

Urban Farm Care – We have some very knowledgeable Urban Farmers on our team with mini, city farms of their own that together include many chickens, ducks, goats and a pot belly pig. They look forward to taking care of your farm kids! We do require a minimum of 2 visits per day. Each visit includes coop or pen cleaning, feeding, medications if required, free range time for chickens if desired, brushing, fresh water, watering of plants and other various small household chores. We take extra special care and wear disposable booties when caring for chickens to avoid the spread of any disease such as avian flu. *Custom pricing available for urban farms with a combination of animals. Email our office for your custom price:

Dog Wrangling for Weddings/Events – So you want your dog(s) to be at your wedding, but you don’t want Fido taking a bite out of the cake when no one is looking or assigning a guest with the responsibility of taking care of him? We have attended many weddings and special events as dog wranglers. We take care of it all from picking your dog up at home photo ready, driving him/her to the event space and walking them down the aisle to caring for them during downtime and delivering them safely back home with a walk and feeding if needed. $75/hour if event is located in-town (For out of town weddings, there is a $50 round trip fee plus .50 per mile) *Cost is for up to 2 dogs   *Prices are per household.