Courtney DeDi - Founder and CEO

Courtney DeDi has loved animals since she can remember. Though she was not allowed to have any furry pets of her own growing up, she always was the first volunteer to bring home the class guinea pig, rabbit or hamster. Eventually, she was allowed to pick out a pet bird she named Pretty Bird. Pretty Bird was the love of her life for more than 15 years until her passing just a few years ago. Since the days of longing for a furry friend, Courtney has become the proud mommy to Cosima aka "The Goo", a Havanese Poodle Mix and a sweet kitty named Suzy Q. She has been working in the pet industry for more than 14 years. She is a PetTECH Pet First Aid and CPR instructor, a member of the ASPCA, has volunteered for many different Humane Societies, organized fundraisers for EARS – (Emergency Animal Rescue Services) during the Hurricane Katrina Rescue Effort, worked as a dog handler and Assistant Manager for Central Bark Doggy Day Care in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and is now the Executive Director of a nonprofit called DiOGi CARES in addition to volunteering with other pet rescue groups. She is a graduate of the National Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program and continues to participate in small business programs to continue shaping DiOGi Pet Services into the best dog walking and pet sitting company possible.

Courtney believes that some pets thrive in the boarding/doggy day care environment and that it is extremely important and healthy for dogs to socialize; however, it isn’t the best option for all dogs. Struggling with what to do with her own “kids” when she had to travel, the concept of DiOGi Pet Services was born. Since its conception in 2010, DiOGi Pet Services has quickly become Atlanta’s most trusted pet sitting and dog walking business serving the in-town neighborhoods. She and her staff are committed to providing the best care for all of Atlanta’s pets when their humans are at work and play.

Alyssa L. - DiOGi Pet Services Team Manager

Alyssa is originally from Orlando, Florida. She moved from Florida and officially became a Georgia peach in 2017. While living in Orlando, she attended Valencia College with a focus in the career field of Veterinary Medicine. She is a huge animal enthusiast and finds taking care of animals to be super therapeutic for her. When she isn't working, you can find Alyssa watching anime, playing video games, cuddling up with her pups and getting prepared to take care of your pets the next day. Alyssa has two doggo's named Rolo and Maru. Rolo is an 8 year old Mastiff/Pitbull. She rescued him from an animal shelter in Florida. Maru is a 2 year old Chihuahua, who absolutely adores his older brother Rolo. Alyssa is thrilled and honored to be apart of the DiOGi family! She looks forward to meeting you and your fur kiddies!


Logann F. - Club DiOGi Operations Manager

A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, with a BFA in Film and Television, Logann is a passionate and driven artist who was thrilled to dive in head first when offered an opportunity to work with DiOGi! What better career than combining her two greatest passions: creative advertising and animals! Logann operates and manages DiOGi’s social media accounts, design work, photography and videography as well as jumping in to care for clients’ beloved pets from time to time. Logann loves being a part of an ever expanding and diverse company whose passion centers around the well being of Atlanta’s pets. She is also a board member of DiOGi’s non-profit, DiOGi Cares, which focuses on furthering education and healthcare for pets in need. Logann hopes you’ll join our DiOGi family- who knows… your pet might be our next big instagram star!

Jonathan W. - Club DiOGi Assistant Manager & Dog Walker

Jonathan has a Bachelor's in Mass Communications and a Master's in Cinema Studies and yet the one thing he has done more consistently before either of these pieces of paper were distributed is caring for animals. He loves animals. He used to be skittish around felines, but since taking up residence with his wonderful fiancé, Michelle, cats are a welcome addition to his pet-caring resumé. While in graduate school, he walked two dogs for a wonderful couple who lived in his neighborhood and they all became his second family in a new city. Jonathan is absolutely thrilled to be a supplement to the DiOGi family. This is as plum a gig an animal lover can have. Jonathan is on board to walk or care for dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, otters, bison, hippos and the occasional gibbon if need be. Bottom line: He'll be your furries' bff!

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Erika B. - Executive Assistant to Courtney DeDi

Erika has a Bachelors in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education from Longwood University in Farmville Virginia. She and her husband moved to Atlanta so he could go to grad school at Emory. Erika taught for two years and learned the hard way that teaching wasn’t the job meant for her. She is now grateful to work with DiOGi Pet Services as Courtney’s executive assistant. When she isn’t working, she loves to spend time with her Golden Retriever Wally, and her two cats, Ace and Tip.

Taylor H. - CPDT-KA, Lead Dog Trainer

Taylor is originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She went to Coastal Carolina University and graduated with a degree in Marine Science. After an internship training and taking care of seals and sea lions, she decided that her career path was going to be animal training. Taylor moved to Florida in 2016 to begin working at a facility training exotic birds, reptiles and domestic mammals. During this time, she became a dog trainer as well.

Taylor has 2 dogs named Bella and Opey. Bella, she’s had since she was 6 weeks old. She is 5 years old now and a pit-bull/Rottweiler mix, she is her demo dog and will be around during training classes as an example. Opey is a 4-year-old Labrador/Pit/Rott mix. Taylor rescued him 2 years ago from a facility in Florida. Both dogs are her life!

After a few years in Florida, Taylor moved to Atlanta to work at the Georgia Aquarium as a penguin and puffin trainer. Though working at the Georgia Aquarium is her dream job, she wanted to find a way to continue training companion animals. She has found her home here with us at DiOGi as our lead dog trainer!

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Natalie W. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Other than her time in college, Natalie has never been without furry friends. Currently she and her partner are proud staff to three dogs and two cats, with room for an occasional foster. As a Di-O-Gi client since 2011, Natalie knows first hand how great it is to have someone you trust and your animals love to help out- whether it’s a walk when you have that late meeting or a sleepover when you can’t bring them with you on your trip. Her goal is for all our clients to experience the peace of mind and happiness DiOGi has given her and her family.

Jill M. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Jill M has lived in Atlanta her whole life, and has always had a cat (even the one she snuck into her dorm room in college).  Currently, she lives with two feral kittie brothers named Bert and Ernie, and does voiceover for a living.  She wanted to find a side-job walking elephants, but dogs are the next best thing.

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Cesar S. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

An animal lover all his life, Cesar is the proud father of three somewhat spoiled dogs- Cayce, Ripley and Hudson, as well as two extremely spoiled cats- Butters and Petey. His priority in caring for his clients’ pets is to ensure they get the level of care and love he would expect his own fur kids to receive, with lots of extra love thrown in.

Melissa C. - Daycare Facilities Staff Member

Melissa Cofer was born right here in Atlanta and has lived in the Atlanta Metro area her entire life. She has always had a love and compassion for animals from the time she was 4 when her father brought home a retired police dog, a German Shepherd named Tyde. They loved playing house together in Tyde’s dog house, her mother never worried when she was in the yard with Tyde. There have been many since then and she has loved them all, from dogs and cats to guinea pigs to chickens.

After almost losing her life in a very serious accident in 2008, she realized just how very short life is and decided to make a change by getting another German Shepherd (Juno Athena) they started obedience training when she was 8 months old and three years later decided to get into the world of dog agility. Juno is now seven years old and working on her Masters Agility Championship or MACH.

She and her husband recently adopted an American Pit-bull terrier named Gurley Star (yes her husband is a big UGA fan and Gurley is named after “Todd Gurley”) who is awaiting her debut in the agility ring. Agility changed her life and her career choice; she knew that she had to work with animals. After becoming her mother’s full time care giver just after her accident and then suddenly inheriting her mom’s peekapoo (Tiffany Lynn, who also does agility) she suddenly needed a job. She knew it had to be a job working closely with animals. She has plans to become vet tech certified in surgery and general practices.

Courtney has given her this wonderful opportunity to work with animals and the people who love them as much as she does. To also work with the community and help people in need of become better pet owners and take care of their furry family members.


Corey S. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Corey grew up in the backwoods of Alabama and made his way to ATL last fall in pursuit of the next best trails for his love of bikes. He’s an avid fan of Auburn football (holds two degrees in Exercise Science), Ole Miss (his childhood/family team), Red Sox, Celtics, cyclists Nairo Quintana and Greg Minnaar, and new supporter of Atlanta United FC. Other than having a passion for sports and bikes as a mechanic, he has a loving personality for animals as well. Having pets all his life, he treats any animal he sees as his own, with love and compassion. He has a cat named Jag (14) who is a master climber and thinks he’s a dog. Corey looks forward to being apart of the DiOGi team on his journey through Atlanta.

Jasmin S. - Daycare Attendant

Jasmin was born and raised in New Rochelle, New York.  She enjoys anything outdoors, traveling, spending time with her family, friends and adorable Rottweiler pup Zeus! Jasmin is currently enrolled at The Creative Circus for Web Development. ​She has always had a love for all animals, big and small and can't wait to meet your furbabies!


Daria C. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter & Daycare Attendant

Daria lived almost all her life in Moscow, then she spent 4 years in Saint Petersburg and she's made Atlanta her home. Daria has always been surrounded by animals growing up. At various times, she had parakeets, rats, turtles and rabbits. Her cousins had awesome dogs, and she spent a lot of time playing with them. She was always jealous their parents let them have dogs. Daria realized that is what her real dream pet was - a pup of her own.
As she grew up, she always felt a bit unsure about fulfilling her dream of having a dog of her own, but as she got married and settled down, she and her husband decided they needed to get a little friend. So a year ago, her dream came true, and they adopted the most adorable puppy.
Daria is very happy to be part of the DiOGi Team and play with all the pets for a living!

Callie B. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Callie has been a lover of pets (mostly dogs) since she could walk! Callie enjoys meeting all kinds of animals and feels she is the dog-whisperer because she’s never met a pup that didn’t love her! In Callie’s spare time, she in visiting with family, doing something active outdoors or involved in her community at Passion City Church. Callie has a Belgian Malinois who is the love of her life!
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Patrick T - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Patrick grew up in a small town in central Kentucky. He had the opportunity to grow up being surrounded by animals! Some of which include three rescued baby squirrels, several dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, turtles, a hamster, a bearded dragon and a leopard gecko! His previous job was at a florist shop before relocating to Atlanta. He now lives with his sister who is a zoo keeper at Zoo Atlanta. Their household includes Jimmy Page (a very spoiled) rescue mixed brindle dog, seven snakes and a tarantula! Patrick's mission is to provide your furry kids with the love and attention they deserve. Patrick is proud to be part of the DiOGi family and looks forward to meeting your fur family!

Alejandro B. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

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Evan KG - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Bio Coming Soon!

Austin T. - Dog Walker

Headshot - Austin Thiery

Sam B. - Daycare Attendant & Dog Walker

Sam is a big animal lover. He has lived with all sorts of pets growing up such as cows, miniature donkeys, and one time even a few emu. He is hoping to have all sorts of amazing pets together with his girlfriend. Sam is looking forward to all that he will learn and all the sweet animals he will meet.

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Elisheva B. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Elisheva has had a lifelong goal of working with animals. She decided in her teens that she wanted to work at Zoo Atlanta someday, and thus earned her Bachelor's degree in Wildlife Science. While she is still working toward her ultimate goal of becoming an animal Keeper, she is currently working part time as an educator at the zoo, and loving it! She also previously worked at an Environmental Education center in North Georgia, where she helped to care for their collection of reptiles and amphibians, which was the coolest part of the job! Growing up, Elisheva's family always had pets, including cats, chinchillas, and fish. She has not yet had the opportunity to adopt a dog of her own, but has always wanted to, and plans to do so in the foreseeable future! When considering her options to get a second job in addition to the zoo, she realized that dog walking and pet sitting would be perfect for her, as it would allow her to spend time with animals, and also allow her to get active and get outside, all of which are things she loves. Elisheva is thrilled to be a part of the DiOGi family!

Trinity - Daycare Attendant