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Courtney DeDi - CPPS, Owner

Courtney DeDi has loved animals since she can remember. Though she was not allowed to have any furry pets of her own growing up, she always was the first volunteer to bring home the class guinea pig, rabbit or hamster. Eventually, she was allowed to pick out a pet bird she named Pretty Bird. Pretty Bird was the love of her life for more than 15 years until her passing just a few years ago. Since the days of longing for a furry friend, Courtney has become the proud mommy to quite the menagerie – 3 dogs and a cat – Buddy, Cosima, Vincent and Suzy Q. She has been working in the pet industry for more than 14 years. She is a PetTECH Pet First Aid and CPR instructor, a member of the ASPCA, has volunteered for many different Humane Societies, organized fundraisers for EARS – (Emergency Animal Rescue Services) during the Hurricane Katrina Rescue Effort, worked as a dog handler and Assistant Manager for Central Bark Doggy Day Care in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and is now the Executive Director of a nonprofit called DiOGi CARES in addition to volunteering with other pet rescue groups. She is a graduate of the National Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program and continues to participate in small business programs to continue shaping DiOGi Pet Services into the best dog walking and pet sitting company possible.

Courtney believes that some pets thrive in the boarding/doggy day care environment and that it is extremely important and healthy for dogs to socialize; however, it isn’t the best option for all dogs. Struggling with what to do with her own “kids” when she had to travel, the concept of DiOGi Pet Services was born. Since its conception in 2010, DiOGi Pet Services has quickly become Atlanta’s most trusted pet sitting and dog walking business serving the in-town neighborhoods. She and her staff are committed to providing the best care for all of Atlanta’s pets when their humans are at work and play.

Katie L. - Operations Manager

Katie moved to Atlanta three years ago from Colorado and graduated from Texas Tech University in 2005. After college, she started a boutique landscaping business and after selling it in 2011 she began a career in retail management with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Target. In her role as Operations Manager, she runs the day to day operations of the business and is also involved in the growth and development of the DiOGi business model. On a personal note, Katie grew up in Wyoming as an avid animal lover and made the move to Atlanta with her beloved lab, Buddy. She enjoys running, reading and hanging out with her gaggle of furbabies.


Tristram N. - Weekend Team Leader, Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Tristram has lived with pets all his life. He grew up in Columbia, SC. with the family dog Ditto! – Tristram has since had many pets; Cats, rats, birds and of course, dogs!

When Tristram was 19, he started working for a a travel agency. After 5 years of working in an office, he realized it was time to try something new. He knew that he wanted to do something outdoors and that it needed to be something that would benefit others. He always loved animals, so DiOGi seemed like the perfect fit!

Tristram lives with his fiance Laurel and their 4 pets! 3 pups T-Bone, Wrigley, and Scarlett. And 1 kitty Penelope!

Logann F. - Social Media Manager, Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

For as long as she can remember, Logann has felt a connection to animals. Growing up in Charlotte, NC, she was always taking animals in–mice, baby birds that had fallen from nests, lizards, insects, and even worms. She developed an instinct for the needs of animals at a young age and found that nothing brought her more joy than making their lives better. Her first dog, a dachshund named Charlotte, was her companion in all those adventures; it’s Logann’s memories with Charlotte that made her determined to protect and care for the lives of animals for the rest of her life.

Logann’s experience with animals extends further than just her general experience caring for cats, dogs, and small forest animals. When Logann was a teenager, she volunteered at a science museum and cared for animals in the museum’s built-in rain forest and aquarium. She has experience working with a menagerie of creatures including snakes, tarantulas, exotic birds and sharks.

Logann’s other passions include photography and filmmaking–she can’t wait to make your pet the next DiOGi viral star! Today, Logann lives in Atlanta with her girlfriend and their dog, Mowgli, and cat, Cookie. She is excited to meet you and your fur babies and can’t wait to shower them with all the love and affection they deserve.


Laurel K. - CPDT-KA Dog Trainer

Laurel Klest has been working with animals since she was 8 years old. She started with pet sitting dogs, cats, and other small animals. At 15 years old, she started interning at a well known Atlanta dog training facility as part of her homeschool science class.

During her internship, she had the opportunity to work hands-on with reactive, aggressive, and fearful dogs. She also worked at PAWS Atlanta as a kennel technician. While there, she worked hard to enrich the lives of the shelter animals while they waited for their forever homes.

Laurel has gone to multiple canine behavior seminars and has attended the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants' Feline Behavior Conference. In her free time, Laurel enjoys furthering her education in animal behavior.

Laurel lives with a Dachshund named T-Bone, a Labrador mix named Wrigley, a little mutt named Scarlett and a cat named Penelope. T-Bone came to Laurel with an array of issues that she has had to work through during the years she has lived with him. Wrigley came to Laurel through her dog training internship and is practically perfect in every way. Scarlett came to Laurel as an 8 week old foster. A few weeks later, she decided to adopt her. Laurel has enjoyed socializing her and showing her the ropes of life! Laurel found Penelope as a stray, brought her home, and is in the process of training her. She has also fostered multiple dogs and cats until they found their homes.

Natalie W. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Other than her time in college, Natalie has never been without furry friends. Currently she and her partner are proud staff to three dogs and two cats, with room for an occasional foster. As a Di-O-Gi client since 2011, Natalie knows first hand how great it is to have someone you trust and your animals love to help out- whether it’s a walk when you have that late meeting or a sleepover when you can’t bring them with you on your trip. Her goal is for all our clients to experience the peace of mind and happiness DiOGi has given her and her family.


Cesar S. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

An animal lover all his life, Cesar is the proud father of three somewhat spoiled dogs- Cayce, Ripley and Hudson, as well as two extremely spoiled cats- Butters and Petey. His priority in caring for his clients’ pets is to ensure they get the level of care and love he would expect his own fur kids to receive, with lots of extra love thrown in.

Laurie W. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Once upon a girl named Laurie searched far and wide for a profession that she truly felt she fit just right with that mixed her passion of helping others with her love for animals. All her life she was surrounded by critters all shapes, sizes and breeds. She even managed to have a kitty in her dorm room in college. She went on to work in entertainment and advertising for a long time as an Executive/Personal Assistant and although she loved helping her human bosses, she felt more attachment to their fur babies. Laurie decided it was time to leave La La Land AKA Los Angeles and be closer to family in Atlanta and search for true happiness. After some time at a doggie day care facility, she finally found her glass or should I say furry slipper working with DiOGi. Laurie has been given permission by her own fur babies Butters & Cannonball, 2 very precocious felines, to venture out and care for other critters. Laurie looks forward to keeping this fairy tale happy ending never ending by caring for your fur babies as they were her own.


Jacolyn L. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter/Animal Whisperer Extraordinaire

Jacolyn spent the first three years of her life under the assumption that her name was 'Catfish.' This laid the groundwork for her kindredship, and obsession, with animals. After spending her early years growing up around pets of all shapes and sizes, and several years searching around for the right career path, she finally decided to pursue her passion of working with animals. Jacky is the proud parent of a menagerie of dogs and cats.

Melissa C. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Melissa Cofer was born right here in Atlanta and has lived in the Atlanta Metro area her entire life. She has always had a love and compassion for animals from the time she was 4 when her father brought home a retired police dog, a German Shepherd named Tyde. They loved playing house together in Tyde’s dog house, her mother never worried when she was in the yard with Tyde. There have been many since then and she has loved them all, from dogs and cats to guinea pigs to chickens.

After almost losing her life in a very serious accident in 2008, she realized just how very short life is and decided to make a change by getting another German Shepherd (Juno Athena) they started obedience training when she was 8 months old and three years later decided to get into the world of dog agility. Juno is now seven years old and working on her Masters Agility Championship or MACH.

She and her husband recently adopted an American Pit-bull terrier named Gurley Star (yes her husband is a big UGA fan and Gurley is named after “Todd Gurley”) who is awaiting her debut in the agility ring. Agility changed her life and her career choice; she knew that she had to work with animals. After becoming her mother’s full time care giver just after her accident and then suddenly inheriting her mom’s peekapoo (Tiffany Lynn, who also does agility) she suddenly needed a job. She knew it had to be a job working closely with animals. She has plans to become vet tech certified in surgery and general practices.

Courtney has given her this wonderful opportunity to work with animals and the people who love them as much as she does. To also work with the community and help people in need of become better pet owners and take care of their furry family members.


Alan B. - Dog Walker

Alan grew up in Gainesville, Georgia with a household full of various pets from fish and hamsters to rabbits and sugar gliders. Their house was never empty of dogs either, with three Great Pyrenees. He is a huge lover of the larger fur babies but equally cares and cherishes all types of dogs. In recent years, his family has added an African Grey and a King Charles Cavalier. Alan expects one day to inherent Jessie, the African Grey, but until then upon his visits, he enjoys reminding her of the theme to Indiana Jones as they whistle together. Of his own pets, Alan had an Alaskan Malamute and Black Lab, both very active and would join him on trail runs. Alan moved to Atlanta from Raleigh 4 years ago, but sadly where he lives he cannot have any pets, so Alan must get his puppy love through friends and family and now every day as a dog walker.

Alan is new to professional dog walking but not new to loving and caring for the fur babies. His background is in fitness and coaching, where he spent some time as a collegiate track and strength coach. Nowadays, he continues to train clients privately in addition to dog walking.

Ali H. - Pet Sitter

Ali Hammond grew up in NC and has had pets all her life from cats to dog to lizards to mice. She constantly brought home stray animals and also tried to go home with strangers because “they had a pretty doggie.” Ali is the person at the party on the floor with any animal she can find. Her favorite activities are horseback riding, trying new restaurants, crocheting, and curling up on the couch with pups and a good book. Ali recently moved to ATL from Los Angeles with her fiancé and two fur babies, Gilbert and Roxy, to get home to the South. She is very excited to explore her new home with the new friends she will be making with DiOGi!


Jannet C. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

One day Jannet realized she was not interested in anything she was learning in her Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics class because she was too busy googling how to start her own wild life sanctuary. Her earliest memory of childhood is of buying stacks of canned food determined to save all the stray cats in her neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Jannet’s connection with animals grew stronger when Zombie her now 5 years old husky entered her life. She has spent the last 7 years volunteering at shelters, fostering dogs/cats and finding new ways to provide all types of animals with love.

Clara K. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Clara is a life long animal lover. Mother to three indoor cats, Artemis, Sunna, and Cinder, and caretaker for the feral colony in her apartment complex. She is a cat momma full time but a dog lover as well, were it not for the very limited size of her apartment she would have plenty of pups running around. Clara has been working as a walker and sitter since she was 11 years old in her neighborhood (with breaks for school and other work of course). Over the years she has collected experience with snakes, birds, rabbits, hamsters, and yes admittedly mostly dogs. Outside of her love of animals, Clara is an amateur sequential artist and painter. A lover of all things pop culture and literature, Clara is a homebody who enjoys quiet nights alone with her animals. She is thrilled to be part of DiOGi as well as everything the company has to teach her. She loves learning the best ways to interact with different dogs. Needless to say, she’s thrilled to work with the kitties too!


Corey S. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Corey grew up in the backwoods of Alabama and made his way to ATL last fall in pursuit of the next best trails for his love of bikes. He’s an avid fan of Auburn football (holds two degrees in Exercise Science), Ole Miss (his childhood/family team), Red Sox, Celtics, cyclists Nairo Quintana and Greg Minnaar, and new supporter of Atlanta United FC. Other than having a passion for sports and bikes as a mechanic, he has a loving personality for animals as well. Having pets all his life, he treats any animal he sees as his own, with love and compassion. He has a cat named Jag (14) who is a master climber and thinks he’s a dog. Corey looks forward to being apart of the DiOGi team on his journey through Atlanta.

Megan N. - Pet Sitter

Growing up in the hills of Kentucky, Megan is no stranger to the wanderings of stray animals. Each one that has come across her path has been loved on, nursed back to health and given to other forever homes. Megan has had at least one (not to mention the plethora of others at any one given time) dog and one cat her entire life and is now totally in love with her best partner, Eli, her black and white coon hound. Her care for animals comes from a place in her heart that wants to speak out for those who have no voice, she wants to better the lives of the furry ones that make our lives so full. There is no greater joy than returning the unconditional love that is given to her, back to it's source.


Beth T. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Growing up in Roswell Georgia, Beth has always lived in households with dogs. She has always had a passion for animals and care taking. Working as a hair stylist for almost ten years, she realized that was not her true passion. After plenty of time and thought about what to do next, she found a new home at DiOGi. It was like a dream come true to have a job working with animals! Beth has a fur baby of her own named Diesel who is the sweetest little yorkie.

Sarah C. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Sarah grew up seven miles outside of a tiny town in South Georgia, and her whole life she was surrounded by animals at least three times her size. But when she met her first cat, she knew a life full of pets was meant for her. While Sarah is a definite cat mom, there's a big place in her heart for dogs, too. And geckos. And snakes. And horses. Hedgehogs, tortoises...we could be here all day.

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Kristin A. - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Kristin worked in the beauty industry for 16 years, but always knew animals were her real passion. She started dog sitting, and walking dogs on her own time, and just knew this is what she wanted to do full time. From big to teeny tiny, dogs were her calling. Nothing makes her happier then spending the day with numerous animals, outside, and of course cuddling inside! Besides shopping, working for DiOGi is her favorite thing to do!